Photographers Bar and Image of the Year 2019.

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My cameras and I had a very successful 2019 and start to 2020!! 📷😊🌿

I received the Photographers Bar again in 2019, this time in Open and Natural World. The Bar is an award given to members of the Guild of Photographers in recognition for entering photographs of a consistently high quality throughout the year. It's very difficult to attain and requires year long hard work to get the required number of points. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the achievement and thrilled to get the award for the second year running.

To top it all I won, Image of the Year, in the Floral and Insect category for the 2nd year running (no pressure at all for 2020 then!) My photograph of a Costa Rican vine won in 2018 and a sun drenched unfurling palm leaf won in 2019.

Image of the Year Winner 2018.Guild of Photographers.

Both photographs were taken in Singapore Botanic gardens. Excited and honoured doesn't come close to how I felt when I found I'd been award the prize for the second time! Thousands of photographs are entered each year and to be the ONE, is really fantastic and I'm still smiling 😁

Image of the Year winner 2109.

Lots to live up to in 2020, I need to get out my camera and keep visiting the wonderful Singapore Botanic Gardens, Kew Gardens and all the other wonderful green spaces that we have access to!! 

My lovely trophy and certificate for 2018.

If you've ever considered entering a photography competition, maybe 2020 is the year to do it!! Nerve wracking at first but once you've entered a few it can get quite addictive and it's often a good way to get a bit of feedback which can enable you to improve....never a bad thing right!?

If you do have a photograph or a few photos that you would like some advice and feedback on, have a look at my feedback packages below. It could be just what you need to take your images to the next level. I always write supportive, constructive and helpful advice. No need to worry if you're feeling a little unconfident! Asking for advice can be hard to do at first...but you're safe with me and I guarantee that your photography will improve 😊

Individual Photograph feedback by Email: 

Via email I will provide you with written advice on how to improve your photographs. Send me your photos as .jpg files and I will feedback within a week of receiving your work. Payment required in advance.

Please email me: [email protected], for more information and if you'd like to see some samples of the written advice I feedback to clients.

If you're interested in a hands on One-to-One photography experience outdoors?
Check out my outline 2021 🌿Summer Botanical Courses🌿

I'm getting bitten by ants here!! But very happy that one of my botanical photographs got onto the front cover of CameraCraft magazine again.

Thank you for reading my blog and good luck if you enter any photography competitions in 2020!! 


Ruth is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society has a Diploma in Professional Photography and is a multiple award winning member of the Guild of Photographers.





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