It all started with a rambutan!

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It all started with a rambutan! Those juicy red skinned fruits, a bit like lychees, but with yellow spikes!

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I bought a bundle of rambutans from our local fruit market in Singapore. I took a focus stacked photo to see if I could get all the spikes & then thought about how I might add them to a fern leaf photo I had...which looked a bit like a Christmas tree.


And so the idea was born. I created a mood board because the colours were so lovely!

Home made reflectors. Easy to make and really useful when you need to. a. Increase the amount of available light without using a flash and b. Reduce shadows around an object. In this case the rambutan.

Simply, cardboard, covered in silver foil taped in place with making tape. Really easy to make and very effective!

The 'stacked' image of a group of four fern leaves (above).

A close up of my computer screen as I'm editing one of the fern leaves. You can see how much more detail is possible when you stack several images on top of each other.

A finished group of 3 leaves, ready to add the Christmas decorations!🎄


I used a selection of the seed pods from previous focus stacking projects as the baubles on the fern leaf 'trees'.

Starting to all come together here.

The rambutan is now a Christmas tree decoration! I simply copied and pasted the rambutan images onto the 'tree' branches.

Here you can see the peanut tree fruit that I took photos of months ago, now debuting as Christmas tree decorations with the rambutans.

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And my 2020 Christmas cards became a reality, and it all started with a rambutan!

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Ruth is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society has a Diploma in Professional Photography and is a multiple award winning member of the Guild of Photographers.



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