Online Photography Course by Ruth E Morris.

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Online Photography Course;

My ten-week course is designed to be completely flexible to your needs as a photographer developing ideas, expanding your knowledge & increasing your technical skill level. 

What to expect:

1.📷 Interesting materials with follow up tasks leading to an assignment each week.

2.📷 Detailed written feedback on your photographs for all assignments. 

3.📷 100% online & you can complete the course using any make or model of camera. iPhone to SLR, the course is open to all abilities, experience and camera models.

4.📷 The whole course is available to view so that you can see what's coming up.

5.📷 Additional materials each week depending on your strengths and photography interests. 

The course aim: To enable you to become much more confident using your camera in a variety of situations, settings & lighting conditions.

A.📷 Practical: There are 10 assignments, you will be taking photographs to practice the skills learned in the weekly course notes.

B.📷 Feedback: To help you get to know the technical aspects of photography & to develop the aesthetics of your photography as you find/improve your own style.

C.📷 Time: For photography, I recommend spending at least 2 hours per week. You will need to make time to devote to improving & developing your skills and knowledge. 

D.📷 Flexibility: If other commitments mean you need more time, that’s absolutely fine, just let me know! 

Most importantly I want you to enjoy your photography!

Course content overview: 

📷 'Off-auto' camera settings for different conditions & purposes, how to use f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO etc. 

📷 Landscape, natural world, macro, group and portrait photography and how to find focal points in your images.

📷 In-camera editing & post production hints & tips. A brief look at sport, long exposure, street photography and travel photography, including ethics.

📷 How to change the mood of a shot using black & white photography & flash photography.

📷 Using your camera to experiment with light, movement and try some fine art photography.

📷 The final activity will be to build an online portfolio of your favourite photographs taken during the course. We can discuss the format and content for this as you near the end of the course.

Download the course for FREE.  

(Note: Only paid course participants will receive the additional course materials, guidance & feedback on images).

The course fee of £310. Payable in advance, includes support for all the assignments, feedback on all the images for assignments & additional materials throughout the course. 


Praise from course participants: 'very useful additional information for the assignments', 'I was inspired to keep practising and determined to get better and learn about my camera settings!', 'Feedback is detailed, just what I needed to stop using auto all the time!!', 'The feedback is extremely detailed and useful'.

Example of the photography that a current course participant is producing in response to assignments. An example of Iphone photography created this year, many of the shots taken during quarantine and self isolation.

If you don't feel ready to commit to the whole course, but you'd like some feedback on your photographs?

Need feedback on your images? HERE are the packages.


Ruth Morris (MA) Ruth is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society has a Diploma in Professional Photography and is a multiple award winning member of the Guild of Photographers.
You are in good hands!




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