Exploring Crowsley Park, South Oxfordshire.

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Wild flowers & Mushrooms at 

Crowsley Park, Oxfordshire.

I love using real maps. Crowsley Park has an area where BBC satellite dishes operate and park land which is open to the public.

Crowsley park, South Oxfordshire.

Toadflax, beautiful buttery yellow clumps, covered in bees!

Toadlfax with a huge bee!ToadflaxOne of the biggest bees I've ever seen!

Field mushrooms appeared in the middle of August and opened up to be some of the biggest I've ever seen!

Crowsley Park mushroomsThe first week of September was amazing for huge mushrooms!

If you'd like a few pointers when you're out on a photo walk, these tips might help.
Toadflax in late summer, Crowsley Park, Oxfordshire.ToadflaxWalking to Crowsley.

A mistletoe laden tree (below) never seen so many balls of the parasitic plant in one tree. Late season scabious and dandelion clocks ready to fly in the wind.

Crowsley Park, trees, and wild flowers.Crowsley Park, Oxfordshire.

I started my walk at the back of the Bird in Hand pub, Sonning Common.

I walked down the green lane, up a field towards Crowsley, along the road toward and passed Crowsley Grange then towards and through the gates to Crowsley Park. Crowsley has open pathways and is easy to walk around once you are in the park, the flattest entrance to the park is via the main gates on Sonning Common road near the turning for Crowsley.

The forest in the distance has excellent walks. You can get to it via a forest access track further down the Sonning Common road towards Binfield Heath.

Another fantastic mushroom specimen.

Once you're in the park, it's easy to walk around as the paths are well trodden, signposted & take you into a variety of different habitats. 

Scabious with a honey bee, Crowsley Park meadowScabious with a honey bee

The parkland is open to all weathers, windswept, wet and sunlit depending on the day. It was gorgeous to see so many harebells.

Harebells at Crowsley Park.Harebells.

Hawthorn trapped on last years dead Umbellifers. Field mushrooms just starting to sprout and Dark Mullien.

Hawthorn berries, field mushrooms and Mullien, Crowsley Park.Hawthorn berries, field mushrooms and Mullien.Taken with a 60mm Macro lens.

I used a 60mm lens to take these close ups and create the flat depth of field and bokeh.

Mullien flowers with a spike of dark Mullien seeds in the background.Mullien

Late summer, early autumn is a great time to take photos of thistle seed heads. 

Untitled 3Thistle seed head in the wind.

Thank you for reading my photowalk to Crowsley Park blog.

This is me hanging out with my 'shroom mates!!

Hanging out with my 'shroom mates!

Ruth Xx

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